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Organic cotton unisex t-shirt: Just breathe

Organic cotton unisex t-shirt: Just breathe

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Organic cotton unisex t-shirt: Just breathe

Do you sometimes feel too stressed or unable to relax? Would you like to find a way to calm your mind and give yourself the pleasure of deep breathing? The Just Breathe T-shirt is here to remind you of the most important thing - breathing.
This special t-shirt is more than just an outfit. It's a daily reminder of how important and powerful each person's breath is. Each deep and consciously controlled breath cycle brings peace, tranquility and energy into your life.
This t-shirt has a wonderful design that reflects the beauty of breath and natural harmony. They are decorated with elegantly painted milk fluff, a symbol that reminds us of life force, expansion and transformation. Breathing is like a fresh breeze that brings new bursts of possibility and gives us the freedom to express ourselves.
What's more, this t-shirt is made from high-quality cotton and is durable enough to become an everyday favorite. Their universal size and soft textile will ensure that your breathing will not be restricted in any way. It is a great gift for yourself or a loved one who cares about their well-being. T-shirts are unisex (size S-5XL) - suitable for both men and women.
Hurry up and get a message that will remind you of this every day ♡

• Unisex t-shirt: suitable for both men and women.

• Basic shirts offer good quality at a friendly price ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

• 100% cotton

• 153 g/m² thick material (white 153-180 g/m²)

• T-shirt length over 70 cm

• If you don't like to walk fashionably in clothes that are too big - we advise you to take a t-shirt in your size :)

• Basic white is milky white

Shipping and returns

Worldwide shipping from your nearest factory Introducing this shirt 1-2 weeks (but usually arrives via 3-5 business days) Attention: made-to-order clothes return is not possible The delivery price is about 4.5 EUR

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Customer Reviews

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Ligita Vadopalienė

Unisex marškinėliai/megztukai: Just breathe

Lirija Steponavičienė

Tikėjausi standesnio audinio. Pirkau M dydį, bet pečiai platoki, o per klubus norėtųsi laisviau. Mano galva, pagal tokius išmatavimus, ilgis galėtų būti mažesnia, nors mano ūgis 179 cm

Marškinėliai Just breathe

Ačiū, marškinėliai puikūs, atkeliavo greit:)


Gerokai ilgokos. O grąžinti negalima.

Saulė K.
Just breathe marškinėliai

Labai patiko dizainas, labai švelni medžiaga! Atkeliavo per 6 d.