About us

Nora Gee Shop opened in February 2016 as a Million Stitches and started as a small project by a young and successful woman who needed quality, comfortable, presentable and quality smart casual wear.

Our collections are always classic and perfectly designed, as interchangeable classic pieces complement each other to create a capsule wardrobe. All our clothes go well with each other.
Our motto: to dress beautifully and with quality, following the latest fashion trends and classic touches, creating luxury in simplicity. Sew in small quantities, become exclusive.

Now the small team at Nora Gee Atelier offers you a variety of classic and well-coordinated clothing combinations, such as: pencil skirts, midi, mini skirts, jackets, midi dresses, mini or maxi dresses - we have a great variety of colors and silhouettes. Your business party or special occasion is planned, you can find the perfect cocktail dress or blouse and pantsuit to pair with a jacket or coat. We make wonderful winter coats and vests for the cooler season.

We are creating. From the feeling born in our heads to the finished garment, there are many steps to create beautiful and high quality clothes.
Dressing beautifully and with quality, taking into account the latest fashion trends with a classic touch, creating luxury in simplicity. We sew in small quantities to become exclusive, timeless, multi-season models.

In 2023, we started working with partners and expanded our possibilities by unleashing the artistic side and offering great products with our own print: t-shirts, swimwear, jumpers, mugs, etc...