What gift to give for Valentine's Day

Do you love to the moon and back?
Did you love
Did you swear never to love again?
Or maybe, like a cat, you decided to always walk alone?
We are all kinds. We love and hate.
We love gifts sometimes
And we like to give gifts
We are here
Let's see? What can we do?

Who said "Meow"?

Do you know?
What can bring more warmth and joy than small, fluffy cats? Give a mug, t-shirt or sweater to someone who appreciates small animals and their companionship.


Or maybe he didn't say meow? I honestly don't even know if they are cats? Too smart, cute and beautiful to be true.

In any case, we count on love.
Is it better to love and lose? Have you never loved?
1. Breathe!

Reminder here ->

2. Love yourself ♡

3. Know your worth

4. And now you can love with all colors ❤️

And just as you want 💜

Make a loved one happy

Laugh together

Or just be happy. Just don't mess around! Choose wisely. I believe in you ♡