Frequently asked questions

1. Is it possible to try on the garment?

From 2022.11, the opportunity to try on the Studio is no longer available. We will ship online orders as usual.

2. How much is shipping?

price in Lithuania Delivery type
Nora-Gee sewed products about 4.5 EUR Delivered separately from partner products
Partner products (T-shirts, swimwear, jumpers with print) about 4.5 EUR Delivered separately from partner products
Partner products (cups) Will calculate at the time of ordering Delivered separately from all other items

When ordering Nora-Gee sewn and new project products in one order - the price is combined and you will receive your order in separate shipments

3. Is it possible to return/exchange if the garment does not fit or is not to your liking?
4. I want to return the garment, what should I do?

A user who decides to return a product that does not meet expectations, or who decides to cancel the purchase contract, must notify within 14 days at the latest, or submit a properly completed sample contract form (Article 6.228, Paragraph 6 of the Civil Code) and, immediately, but no later than within 14 days from the date of withdrawal from the contract, must send the goods to the address: Verkių 35, Vilnius LT-09109, +37065628929 (be sure to give a note to the courier: First staircase to the left of Gero Garu. 3 Floor.).

Returned items must be in the same condition as received. Not stained, no signs of wear. The fact of returned soiled or obviously used goods will be recorded and Nora - Gee reserves the right to collect data on misuse of goods.

The costs of returning the goods are borne by the user.

5. I want to change clothes, what should I do?

The fastest way to do this is to return the wrong product and re-order the desired new product.

6. I want to buy a garment, what should I do?


Find the desired garment in the online store, click on it.

You just need to put it in the cart (after choosing the size) and fill in what they ask for: name, phone, delivery address...

PS: Here is a short video on how to order in a minute.

7. I would like to buy a garment, but I would like to change certain details (I want the dress to be longer, the sleeves longer, the color different, etc.)

Write to and we will agree :)

8. I can't decide which size to choose

You should determine your size according to the following table:

If you are still in doubt about the size:

A) remember what size you usually choose when shopping

B) Take into account whether you like to wear tighter or looser clothes (this will help you decide to size up or down if you're roughly "in the middle" between two sizes);

C) Pay attention to the specifics of the garment (For example, if it is tight on the top and loose on the bottom, in case you cannot decide on the size, choose yours more according to the chest and waist circumference);

D) Pay attention to the measurements written for each garment (they are under the descriptions under each garment);

And finally, if you don't like the size - you can always change :)

9. What is your account number?

UAB "Redapo"

Account no.: LT104010051003928134

10. Why do t-shirts and jumpers smell like vinegar?

When unpacking a new shirt or sweatshirt with a print, you may notice a vinegar smell or a whitish residue. Don't worry, this isn't unusual - it's a fixative that's used during printing and isn't permanent.

A fixer (sometimes called pre-treatment) is used on all prints throughout the industry. This helps the ink bond to the fabric, otherwise the ink would peel off the garment.

11. Can I pay the courier in cash after delivering the product?

There is no such possibility. Payment is by card or bank transfer only at the time of placing the order.

12. Can the courier deliver to the post machine?

We can only deliver products sewn by Nora-Gee to the postal machine. Then be sure to write it in the comment box.
Products sewn by partners are delivered directly to the home only by a courier (however, it is usually possible to arrange with him to leave it at the post office).

13. What should I do if I received a defective product?

Be sure to notify us of the defective item you received, quoting the order number. Be sure to attach photos and provide a detailed description and we will do our best to replace the defective item with a new one.

14. I received only part of the order
In most cases, you will receive in different shipments:
* Products sent by Nora-Gee
* Products produced with partners (Swimsuits, T-shirts, sports jackets, etc.)
* Cups