About me

Some call me a businesswoman, others call me an artist. I call myself a wandering soul who loves freedom immensely.

My first clothing project, Nora-Gee, which created clothes for entrepreneurial women, allowed me to express both my entrepreneurial and artistic sides for eight years (since 2016). However, it greatly limited my freedom. We designed and sewed the clothes ourselves locally, in Lithuania.

Since June 2024, I have radically transformed Nora-Gee into a project that allows me to express all three of my passions: business, art, and freedom. Working with partners allowed me to eliminate the need for warehousing and overproduction, producing items only upon order: this way, I regained my freedom and a clear conscience regarding nature.

Nowadays, I often create art using digital tools, as they allow me to complete a piece much faster than traditional painting.

I have transferred my art to high-quality products by collaborating with factories that have branches worldwide. This enables me to offer fast and quality delivery, no matter where you are.

By purchasing from me, you support my life journey and receive a piece of my freedom, which I am delighted to share with you. Undoubtedly, in the form of high-quality products :)

Where am I from?
I was born in Lithuania (Europe :)), which is a very small country with fewer inhabitants than the city of Madrid.
My heart belongs to Spain and the island of Tenerife, where you will most often find me.

Together with partners, we ship products worldwide to you from the nearest branch.
Fulfillment, warehousing, and delivery services for online business owners:
* Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
* Santa Clarita, California, USA
* Coppell, Texas, USA
* Tijuana, Mexico
* Toronto, Canada
* Birmingham, UK
* Riga, Latvia
* Barcelona, ​​Spain