Collection: Never Better

It's so ironic. Everyone has a friend like that. We check and send him a memo so he doesn't forget to follow it
1. Start every morning with 10 points why you won't succeed, why you can't and aren't worthy. Remember everyone who told you that. Respect them because they know better (especially if it's mom or dad).
2. Remember your past failures as often as possible and dwell on them so that you really cannot move on to today.
3. Never trust yourself and yours abilities - always believe that everyone else is smarter and more capable than you.
4. Join all social networks and do not add anything. Start the morning by looking at other people's lives on social networks and follow them consistently throughout the day.
5. Ignore all health advice and only eat fast food and sweets - a life without health will definitely live up to your expectations.
6. Never expect help or support from other people - don't worry, they really don't have time to help you.
7. Always look for reasons why NO instead of reasons why YES - the pessimistic perspective always wins!
8. Stop living your dreams - the more a person lives in the real world, the better.
9. Miss every opportunity to go out and interact with people - after all, who wants friendship and interaction with you?
10. Do not forget that it is rude to be happy, because there are so many misfortunes in the world, and to be rich is a great shame, achieved through the exploitation of other people.
Don't live die today
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