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Unisex t-shirt: "Be real, not perfect"

Unisex t-shirt: "Be real, not perfect"

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T-shirt: "Be real, not perfect". Unisex, suitable for both men and women.

Self-love is a magical bond that lies within us. It is the ability to accept yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses, without conditions or condemnation.

A self-loving person learns to learn from the past instead of condemning himself for his mistakes. He knows that the most valuable way is to get to know yourself, accept yourself as you are, and grow from it.

Self-love encourages you to take care of your physical and emotional well-being, gives you confidence, and most importantly, allows you to live a conscious and happy life. By being gentle with himself, a loving person gains the power to love and accept others because he already knows how.

It is a journey worth embarking on - each step brings us closer to a deep and wonderful self-love. Love your inner voice and gently embrace your essence because each of us is worthy of love and being loved.

T-shirt with the most important message to yourself❤️

• Unisex t-shirt: suitable for both: men and women.

• You can choose Organic Cotton (various colors and one of the best reviews) or Basic (black only, great value for price)

• Both are 100% cotton♡ Detailed descriptions here:

Organic cotton t-shirt

• An organic cotton gem with some of the best customer reviews for material quality.

• 100% organic cotton

• Material as thick as 180 g/m²

• It seems that the size is neither increased nor decreased :)

• Contains 0% recycled polyester • Contains 0% hazardous materials

Basic T-shirt

• Basic shirts offer good quality at a friendly price ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

• We selected only black color for Basic

• 100% cotton

• 153 g/m² thick material

• T-shirt length over 70 cm

• If you don't like to walk fashionably in clothes that are too big - we advise you to take a t-shirt in your size :)

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Worldwide shipping from your nearest factory
Introducing this shirt 1-2 weeks (but usually arrives via 3-5 business days)
Attention: made-to-order clothes return is not possible. The delivery price is about 4.5 EUR

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