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Unisex t-shirt: I am my own muse

Unisex t-shirt: I am my own muse

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Unisex t-shirt: I am my own muse

• Unisex t-shirt: suitable for both: men and women.

• You can choose Organic Cotton (various colors and one of the best reviews) or Basic (black only, great value for price)

• Both are 100% cotton♡ Detailed descriptions here:

Organic cotton t-shirt

• An organic cotton gem with some of the best customer reviews for material quality.

• 100% organic cotton

• Material as thick as 180 g/m²

• It seems that the size is neither increased nor decreased :)

• Contains 0% recycled polyester • Contains 0% hazardous materials

Basic T-shirt

• Basic shirts offer good quality at a friendly price ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

• We selected only black color for Basic

• 100% cotton

• 153 g/m² thick material

• T-shirt length over 70 cm

• If you don't like to walk fashionably in clothes that are too big - we advise you to take a t-shirt in your size :)

Shipping and returns

Worldwide shipping from your nearest factory
Introducing this shirt 1-2 weeks (but usually arrives via 3-5 business days)
Attention: made-to-order clothes return is not possible. The delivery price is about 4.5 EUR

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