"Tvirtas, bet lengvai pažeidžiamas požiūris"

"A firm but vulnerable attitude"

- "Nora-Gee unites enterprising and intelligent women and there can be no question about training" - I said this several times to a curious interlocutor.

The world may turn as many times as it wants, but our values ​​remain.
I don't know why I repeated it more and more often, or why I was being asked more and more often, but I felt that some fluke inside wanted to tell me something.
When one summer evening, as I was loading my suitcase to the mosquito- and daisy-infested farmhouse, I felt myself scrunching up my carefully selected cotton pads and lavender softener-washed trainers and thought: “do they do that too? (customers)". Tired of business, children's camps, meetings and home-office affairs, do they find time to look for their own soft cotton bedding for the village of Ramunias?
This time, I did not get a response from the resident flu. Not because he didn't come. Because the answer was that question.
He can't find it, he can't, he's tired, there aren't any... There are. But no Nora-Gee…
If Nora-Gee clothing ensures a comfortable day for the business woman, then what should Nora-Gee casual wear do?
This is where the journey began in the soft, warm summer meadow.
This is how the teddy bear sweater was born. With cotton. And honestly, I haven't seen cotton fluff like this anywhere else. I put the teddy bear in the Christmas toys. Such a one will be reborn in the spring.
The velour, still with the label of synthetic tastelessness attached to the inner gripper, in my hands, with 80% cotton and fluff shining in the sun, washed 7 times and without changing its appearance, told a story the likes of which I have not heard before. And there was no hope. But I want to hold it in my hands and not let it go - that's all I knew, and that rag traveled with me and told and told...
Until he lay down alone on a leaf in October. With color codes. With the ray last captured in it. So that I would pull it out again when spring came. Like babushka jam.
Fun home office'22.
Nothing fancy. No cheap glitter. Only cotton, viscose and anything soft and huggable. Only love and love again.

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