Po kiekvienos tamsos pateka saulė...

After every darkness, the sun rises...

I stand in the middle of the field with a glass of champagne in my stiff hand
And the wind is so strong that I feel the revolting power of nature blowing the pig to the side with all its might.
I remember everyone who came this year. I remember those who left even better...

I can see the rest and feel how they block that strong wind from time to time.
It cannot be darker than darkness.
But it can be brighter
At a distance of 200 km from Vilnius, the thin moon does not illuminate anything at night
But the darker it gets, the brighter the stars appear
Sometimes we need to get lost to find our way
Sometimes it takes a pig to get us off our feet

I include full lungs
And I feel respectful gratitude for everything that was
Even though there are fireworks and friends shouting, I feel completely calm.

I often shout for the moment to stop,
But now I'm glad it's gone
I wouldn't change anything that was

This year we will test dexterity and curiosity
And again the ears go up revealing a place for a smile
They say rats survive everything

Today I finished the book I started last year:
"Life doesn't get easier:...the more you achieve, the more challenges you face"

Happy New Year, my Ladies!

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