Dviejų dienų maratonas

A two-day marathon


Tomorrow we start a two-day marathon of photoshoots, at the same time finishing the frenzy of preparing four collections in a very short time. All the forces of the team will be focused on shooting new collections on Friday and Sunday.

We will tell two different stories: one collection from the "Business and Charming" series, which will be released at the end of January - beginning of February. The second one is dedicated to spring, which will appear in March.
On the eve of each photo shoot, a story unfolds.
17 published collections.
19 huge photo sessions.
17 waves of big bangs that carry us on the twists and turns of Nora-Gee's ambitions.
Last night I folded and put back in the closet the blouse from the Spring'18 collection.
Wearing it all day, she softly cooed to me about the days we spent together. As today I remember the day when I released it (Spring'18 collection). I remember the bright sun on the horizon and the feeling that I had done something Yes.
Today, the new clothes that have been piled up are waiting for their own story.
Tonight everyone will tell their wishes.
And I, like an old cold, will sit everyone on my knees and listen.
I can hear them snorting impatiently now.
Each of them already has their own voice.
I separate them and I feel like I'm the only one who can do it
Tomorrow I will do my best to separate them for you too.
That's the point. And this will be the 18th explosion (18th collection photo shoot)

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