Akimirka, kai pasaulis sustoja...

The moment the world stops...


The moment the world stops...
Overnight we all get slower,
We pray that those around us behave responsibly,

When the greatest happiness is to hug a healthy loved one,
When we receive the gift of spending time with family as much as we never expected,
When we all become like one big organism,
When we realize that we are all working for each other,
When we realize that we are working towards a single goal,
To survive and become stronger than we were,
When we take it as a challenge and a lesson.
When we finally hear how Mother Earth
talking to us...
In order to survive in emergency situations, a person needs not only food and water,
He needs a little bit of happiness,
so as not to forget what all this is for.
With all safety plans in place, our Reception keeps our doors firmly closed. But only in physical store.
As a result, we will continue to safely carry out our mission to provide even a grain of happiness in the extraordinary future ahead.
We will pack, perfume and send the parcels to you. From as safe an environment as possible.
Please receive them safely and according to the instructions of the couriers.
With love,
From a corner of the world that has also stopped,

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