2021-2022 apžvalga

2021-2022 overview


- How are you, Gee?
- Like a kidney in fat, I think, although I honestly didn't understand what it meant in three years. Today, the last necessary shipment, destined for 2022, arrived.

And the six collections lay almost neatly in a giant Excel table in a blue cloud, I guess, called "Departure'22". Tomorrow we will photograph Christmas, in 2 weeks we will release a new collection, in 4 - we will photograph the Fun Home Office, etc., etc.

Meanwhile, the days are running out as fast as they manage to shorten overnight at the turn of the clock. And looking around you think there must be a logical explanation, and there always is. The calendar of the remaining days until the departure is already turning yellow, and the work done all at the same time does not have the ability to end quickly.

Last year, when I was getting ready for the winter, I made crosses, but this year I chose a bright yellow color, because every day, even though it is frequent and manages to slip by at an incredible speed, and without being able to fit in all the work I want, deserves a bright yellow color. Because the most important thing here is not the projects, nor the quantity or volume of the collections. The most important project is life. And let it be bright yellow. And let it be difficult to be compatible with the main project, but because of great passion it is pulled together every year and always happens with the great miracle that happened, which is actually the result of the work of a sixteen-story house the size of a gummy bear.

So Gee, to the point

We all want results and I also measure my steps with them.
This year, the Departure'22 sheet makes it clear
Are you still listening?
strain your ears :)

*** 2021.11.20-23 "26 Christmas toys" will be waiting for us. Tested, Loved and Fulfilled Compensation for days of ticking off the world around you. Soft down sweaters. Made of cotton. If you say it doesn't happen, if you say it doesn't happen :) And we've already done it. And Nora-Gee's first trainings will be about loving, hugging and coloring the days yellow. Yes, there will be something to wear for work holidays as well. After all, this year we prepared exactly twice as many toys as last year?
*** The holidays will continue, a long cold January, and at the beginning of February we will release "Happy home office" or "happy home". A collection I drew on a warm autumn day with the last rays of the sun warming my back. I sincerely believed that secondary compensation might be needed, so THEY will be soft, soft and colored ❤️
*** We will release "Pavasaris'22" impatiently in the middle of March. Which is a lost but wonderful gallop between warm and cold weather.
*** Next, in the middle of April, when the anticipation of spring will have already reached such a tension, we will cross "Hot Air Gusi'22". Bright colors and intrigue. For spring to understand.
*** In the second half of May, we will release all of "Vasara'22"
*** And we will gather all the hot honey with "Midurvasariu'22" around the first of July.

This is how I think of a kidney in fat. Most of the time I just smile when asked, because if I tell you so much, there won't be time to ask, how about you?

Sweet darlings. Sleep tight and dream of compensation program and bright yellow days ❤️

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