Šiemet turiu naują Meilę

This year I have a new Love


This year I have a new Love
Which will color the end of 2021 and the king's 2022
It does not have a clear translation in Lithuanian
Maybe no one loved her so much
or maybe loved so much that her name became irrelevant

At first glance, it resembles an aged dirty rose,
But when combining the zippers, the hand leans towards brown
And if you put it next to pure violet, you can see that it doesn't "make friends".

Old Mauve
Mauve - Named after the mallow (Malva Sylvestus) flower.
The synthetic purple (mauve) dye was first named so in 1859, when Chemist William Henry Perkin, then eighteen years old, in 1856. tried to synthesize quinine, which was used to treat malaria.

The color cast and weathered is now known as Perkin's violet, pinkish violet or aniline violet.
Whereas "Old Mauve" was first used as a color name in English ONLY in 1925.

So my mother never told me.
He didn't go to school
So I had to figure out what I loved

Old Mauve is just love for me
We'll call it Aged Purple
It's as if we were photographing the wild flower Dandelion with a filter of memories

De-desh-va - Malva flower

A very warm and nostalgically sweet memory.
Old Mauve
Or simply the color of new Love

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