Šiandieninio pasaulio peripetijose

In the vicissitudes of today's world


In the vicissitudes of today's world, when everyone is already used to the headlines of a combination of five letters - two numbers, when businessmen are tense, I wanted to draw a model with two lines under the eyes and let it wade through the woods, following the photographer.

"Let's play the game", with a militaristic style dress and boots/sometimes high heels in the swamp.
But man plans, and nature has a plan. We have certainly learned that in the last 10 months.
Tomorrow, thanks to nature pushing us off the almighty throne, we changed the plan.
To the better.
That's how we are, every time we get pushed down, we keep climbing up.
And raising our heads, we thank the one who pushed us from the narrow mountain, which we look at from the heights of a new mountain.
Tomorrow we will take to the air
Tomorrow we get everything we planned and more
Tomorrow we will thank everyone who pushed us.

Photo from Kareivių aleja. Where young boys would plant one young tree each when they went off to war.

Today the trees are already big. And not everyone can boast of seeing their founders a second time. But they stand firm as if nothing had happened. Only an unnaturally straight row of two trees in the forest can lead to the suspicion that someone contributed to it.

And now I call the boy who planted this tree dad.
And they were both lucky enough to meet again.

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