Mylėk save taip, kaip tave myliu aš

Love yourself as I love you

One summer day, Maria turned to the old homestead where she grew up. She stepped into the courtyard where an old, forgotten mirror stood. The reflection stuck in her eyes, it was something more than just an image.

Sitting on the old stairs, Maria looked into that mirror and began to remember all the stages of her life. She remembered the curious boys she played with in this yard and the teenage dreams that flooded her mind. She saw the love songs of her youth and the journeys she bravely undertook alone.

Mary then looked back at her modern reflection and saw expressive wrinkles around her eyes and a smile. Experience and wisdom shone in her eyes. She realized that each of those wrinkles told the story of her life—every experience, every challenge, every smile.

Maria remembered her achievements and difficulties, her heartaches and joys. She felt how deeply she loved herself for all that she had become over the years. It wasn't just an outward appearance - it was self-love for her life path, for her strength and wisdom.

As she sat there, Mary realized that self-love is like a beautiful flower that grows over the years, each day adding new layers to its blossom. She remembered the words her grandfather had once told her: "Love yourself as I love you." And that day, Maria discovered a deep love for herself, which became her source of life and strength in all the challenges she still had to overcome❤️

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