Dažniausiai turiu labai storą odą

I usually have very thick skin


I usually have a very thick skin when I hear criticism and there are invisible limits to how high I can rise after hearing praise.
I almost always measure success or failure in numbers.

The incredible power of numbers is often surprising, but it is ruthlessly exposed.
Only she can say that the failures of the creator cannot affect the world's misfortune as much as a missed collection.
Only she will tell you exactly which collection was the most successful. And even exactly how much more than others.
Only she will tell you which clothes from the collection hit the hearts the most.
Or missed at all...

But another measure surprised me.
When a leading search engine clicked on a photo to search for similar images, it asked:
"Did I understand correctly that you are looking for a tuxedo?"

Oh yes dears! Do we speak the same language?
And it doesn't even have to be black (tuxedo)?

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