Akimirikos princesė

Princess of the moment

I felt like a princess for a moment,
locked in a golden tower...
Only my prince and the little frog were around.

We have food, the sun outside the window and the Internet.
We have a small garden of fragrant flowers.
We have neighbors that we talked to more today than in the last 3 months combined.
There are differences in appearance, but the greatest of them was the calmness that swept over the whole body.

just listen
Today we are ALL princesses!
Locked in their golden cages.
Princess is my mother, my neighbor, my best friend
The princess even the prince's grandmother, rhyming at the window with her wand,
The princess cousin, the one with the dreadlocks
The princess became a lady who swept the yard
The lady who wore only blue suits became a princess too,
And we all became one!

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