About us

  • When the sense is conveyed through expressions of lines. Ones are curved and others are straight next to them you draw a circle and then divide it in half. Mathematical shapes start to play with each other on computer screen. Or sometimes you pull apart the order and rewrite the rules. Next to the lines letters and arrows are built, in the language of sowing the instructions for tailors are subjoined. When you set that right material. When the first garment is created, not always perfect, and often corrected, and again everything from the start. Until you create just the right one.
    If there is possibility to make the world even prettier, we will do it.
    All of this started from one big dream, dream to create. Run dream, run, into the world. This is how Nora-gee was born.


    We make clothes in Lithuania. We create. From the detail or a feeling born in our heads, the path of the garment swings through innumerable processes. To dress beautifully and in quality.

    To dress beautifully and in high-quality, following up with the latest fashion trends and classical strokes, to create a luxury in simplicity. To sew in small amounts, to become exclusive. To amaze continuously, to provide new models without the need of the seasonal change.

    Nora-Gee clothes can be tried on in our studio located in Kareiviai St. 19-146, Vilnius, II floor Reception time is on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays: 15:00-19:00. Admission times are further specified on Facebook. You can only pay in cash at the studio.

    Since the February of 2016 we started to sell as a brand "Million threads”.
    Nora Gee